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Leak Detection

How do you detect leaks that are hidden? It’s not always easy to find leaks when the leak is not visible to the naked eye. But that’s where professional leak detection plumbers can help. We are plumbing specialists in leak detection and can assist you in detecting leaks quickly and efficiently.

We have heard many horror stories of people receiving HUGE bills from their municipality because of leaks that were not attended to on their premises. We offer leak detection services in Pretoria and Centurion areas.

Leak Detection Near Me

If you suspect you have a leak you can do the following:

Make sure all taps are closed in and around the house. There should be no water running. Then go to your meter reader and see if the meter is still running. If the meter still ticks over then you know you have a leak somewhere that will need to be fixed.

You can also take the water meter reading when all taps have been closed and then take a meter reading again in 6 hours time. If the number increased, you have a leak. Be sure not to open taps or use the toilet in this time.

When you see this, be sure to call a professional leak detection company like Danie Plumbing Pro’s. We have an expert leak detection team and we will pinpoint the leak in no time at all. Our tools are state of the art and that’s why we can get such quick results.

Leak Detection Considerations

If the leak is in an obscure place then obviously you may have a bit of a problem. Sometimes excavation is needed in order to get to the leak. That may cost more but what are the alternatives? Just make darn sure that you work with a leak detection plumbing company who knows what they are doing and who can fix these issues quickly.

Also remember that insurance will cover leaks in many cases. So it’s worth phoning them finding out what they will cover and what they won’t cover.

But even if they don’t cover a leak, it’s a crucial fix. Damp walls can lead to walls that actually rot. You can look at tens of thousands of Rands worth of damage if you don’t give a leak the attention it deserves.

The following areas are a sure bet when it comes to leaking:

Stop Taps
Heating Systems
Water Storage Tanks

About 80% of leaks will be detected in one of the areas mentioned above. If the leak can be detected around pipe threads, then it may be as easy as using thread seal tape to stop the leak. If the pipe has actually burst it is best to replace it.

Call Danie Plumbing Pro’s for all your leak detection requirements.

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